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How it began.

When choosing a career, Samuel Falanga ‘Sam’ was encouraged to consider accounting. His math skills were strong, and his desire to categorise everything would undoubtedly make him a great accountant. Sam scoffed at the idea; he knew he loved working with numbers but was more passionate about helping people. At the time, he didn’t believe that accounting could be used as a vehicle to help people.

After much consideration, he decided this may be his calling. He naturally whizzed through his studies and obtained various certifications before landing a job in one of Australia’s top 5 accounting firms. As his passion for numbers grew, he couldn’t help but feel a disconnect between servicing his clients and understanding their stories. He still craved the opportunity to connect with people in a meaningful way. He loved his job and was fortunate enough to be mentored by respected professionals. Still, as the years went by, he realised just how antiquated many accounting practices were in a corporate firm.

One afternoon, whilst enjoying a drink with colleagues, Sam decided it was time to deliver a new level of performance and service to clients. He wanted to build a business that didn’t just keep the taxman happy but opened a world of possibilities for clients. He wanted to build a team of business ‘coaches’ rather than a team of accountants.

If passion drives you,let reason hold the reins.

The team in your Corner.

Samuel Falanga.

Founding Partner

Driven by a strong desire to help people build successful businesses, Sam established his own practice in 2011.

His vision to provide holistic business support spanning accounting, business and risk advisory, financial planning, and more, has seen the firm grow rapidly since its inception.

As a Chartered Accountant with a passion for numbers and providing creative solutions, Sam has worked with dozens of small-medium sized businesses to help them grow.

Since founding Falanga & Co, Sam has built a highly capable team of business coaches, and has established the firm’s reputation as a trusted and effective partner for success across multiple industries.

Alessia Falanga.


As Chief Operating Officer, Alessia is responsible for driving the firm’s overall growth and success.

With over a decade of experience working for professional services organisations and publicly listed companies, Alessia leverages her extensive expertise and knowledge to deliver on the firm’s strategic vision.

Alessia is committed to service excellence and driving client outcomes which make a tangible difference.

She brings a considered and measured approach to her work, which combined with her motivation and desire to succeed, creates an effective partnership.

Josh Hallam.

General Manager

Bringing over a decade of senior executive experience to Falanga & Co, Josh is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the firm’s operations.

From the development and implementation of strategic plans, to ensuring the firm is meeting its financial and operational objectives, Josh plays a pivotal role in the strategic direction of the firm.

Richard Sahajdak.


Richard’s passion lies in coaching clients to manage their business effectively. He enjoys future-proofing businesses and working with clients towards achieving their wealth creation and business goals. Pro-active in his recommendations, Richard provides clients with confidence knowing that their taxation and compliance responsibilities are being managed appropriately. Above all, he is dedicated to good business design with strong execution.

Handy Lutarto.


Handy is driven by a genuine desire to assist clients identify key areas of development and improvement in their business. Known for his enthusiasm and attention to detail, Handy is most in his element when he is able to bring a fresh perspective to a client’s business journey, revealing possibilities and opportunities in what they may not have even considered.

Carlos Montoya Lopez.

Senior Accountant

Carlos prides himself on attention to detail, good communication skills and a professional approach. He finds satisfaction in being able to provide genuine advice and support to young families with growing businesses. Carlos is passionate about sharing his wealth of business knowledge and enjoys seeing his clients’ concepts through to fruition.

Inae Bang.

Senior Accountant

Inae brings extensive experience in accounting and business management, consistently showcasing her ability to handle complex financial tasks and develop effective financial strategies. Inae is committed to ongoing learning and professional development, keeping abreast of the latest industry trends and best practices. Her robust analytical skills and proactive mindset make her an essential asset to our team.

Trisha Nguyen.

Intermediate Accountant

Trisha’s sense of accomplishment comes from being able to assist business owners achieve their compliance and lodgement obligations in a timely manner. She feels rewarded by identifying and proposing ways in which clients can grow their businesses into the future. Being able to accentuate a client’s tax saving, allowing them to re-invest into their business or family, is what Trisha finds most fulfilling.

Carmen Huang.

Intermediate Accountant

Carmen epitomises our firm’s adaptable nature; no task is too big or too small. She is a passionate individual who finds joy in seeing a job through from start to finish. Driven by the desire to help up-and-coming business owners, Carmen develops tailored, targeted strategies, that deliver maximum results.

Alejandro Duque.

Intermediate Accountant

The excitement of building client relationships is Alejandro’s passion. He is driven to help people by sharing his knowledge, positivity, and energy. Alejandro is invested in his client’s journey and appreciates being a part of their unique circumstance. He is currently undertaking the Chartered Accountancy program, with the view to become a member of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

Jeffrey Weng.

Junior Accountant

Jeffrey’s passion and dedicated care to clients enables him to continuously expand his knowledge in accounting. Jeffrey is a great asset to the wider team and actively supports the firm’s bookkeeping and payroll needs. His friendly personality ensures clients are comfortable and well informed at any stage of client engagement.

Kez Sahin.


Kez is one of the firm’s primary team members. Her role involves supporting both clients and the business services team. Kez assists many small businesses with their bookkeeping and compliance administration. Her precision coaching for small business start-ups is unmatched.

Margaret Sabbouh.

Executive Assistant

Margaret plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our leadership team.  With a steadfast commitment to precision and a high level of proficiency, she excels in coordinating schedules, overseeing key projects, and maintaining the seamless functionality of the Falanga & Co’s daily operations.

Olivia Hall.

Team Coordinator

Olivia is responsible for managing the firm’s administrative function. She is focussed on the smooth-running of the team and plays a key role in ensuring our clients and prospective clients are taken care of. Olivia thrives at being able to perform a variety of tasks to support others and sits at the core of the firms operational excellence.

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